DMC Survivor: Voted From The New York Office

DMC Survivor: Voted From The New York Office

Each month, one of DMC's offices gives the rest of the company an update on the latest happenings. We even make funny update videos now. This tradition started in Boston and now every office takes a turn. Anyone can help write, direct, film, and cut together the videos.

This month, DMC New York decided to make a Survivor-themed video (inspired by real-life events) to help showcase our new office space!

Check it out below or on our YouTube channel along with all of our other office update videos.

Season One, Episode One

In this episode of Survivor, several office plants die under Jeff's care while Jon is out of the office. Will the bond between coworkers survive... or did Jeff lose his chance at being the Survivor? Tune in for an episode jam-packed with betrayal, alliances, and intense drama as the office decides Jeff's fate.

Filming the Video

Before we welcomed Becca and Serena to the New York team, I was frequently the only one in the office as everyone else worked onsite. This partially inspired the Survivor video, as we all seem to get "kicked off the island" from time to time. 

The untimely demise of Jon's plants (our central conflict) did also occur roughly one week before filming, so any tension and severing of ties you see in the video may or may not be real. 

We utilized three different cameras for the filming: a webcam above the pool table normally reserved for a billiards tracking project, a knockoff GoPro, and a regular smartphone. This helped us get a perfect shot of Simon chugging a glass of milk on the first try. This was critical, as he said there was no way he would do that twice. 

Overall, filming was a ton of fun (especially breaking in our shiny new wooden floors with a bit of reckless file cabinet racing!)

Find out what other fun things are going on at DMC.

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