Hawaiian Shirt Fridays

Hawaiian Shirt Fridays

I bought my first Hawaiian shirt (which is still in my rotation) in Orange Beach, Alabama during spring break of 2001. Since then, Hawaiian Shirt Friday has become a personal tradition of mine lasting the last dozen or so years.

At my two previous jobs, it remained a personal tradition, and there was never any doubt in my mind that I would continue my tradition at DMC. However, while it took a while to start catching on, here at DMC it’s become more than just a personal tradition, and these days I can usually count on seeing at least a handful of colleagues in Hawaiian shirts on Fridays.

I'm excited to see it catching on at DMC because though it's a little thing, to my mind, it reflects the culture of having fun at work that DMC fosters. It’s been especially fun to watch the tradition catch on in other offices. I still get excited every time I see a Hawaiian shirt on the DMC inter-office portal which we use to stay connected to each of our offices. All that being said, Hawaiian Shirt Friday is not the only Friday dress tradition here at DMC. Competing trends include Tie Friday (championed by Dr. Mark) and Flannel Friday (especially during the winter).

Where Did Hawaiian Shirt Day Even Come From?

The tradition of wearing a Hawaiian shirt on Friday started a few years later, inspired by the movie Office Space.

Check Out the Cool Threads

A few of us managed to snag some sweet White Sox Hawaiian shirts at a recent special event at Guaranteed Rate field.

Pete, Frank and Jason wear Hawaiian shirts on a Friday.

We pull them out for holidays, even in remote offices like we did at DMC NYC.

And for snowy days.

Even new hires like Carl have joined in on the fun.

Pete, Leon, Carl and Jason for Hawaiian Shirt Friday.

Explore more fun stuff going on at DMC.


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