Summer Fun at DMC Boston

Summer Fun at DMC Boston

It's been a busy summer at DMC Boston. With a slew of fantastic new hires to bolster our forces, we've tried to live up to our reputation as DMC's most ridiculous office.

From the exciting Yearly Office Event (YOE) where Boston hosted 30 DMCers in the White Mountains to the screening of the highly rated “Sharknado,” our office has had quite an adventurous summer.

Camping (Indoor and Out)

We headed to New Hampshire on an adventure in the great outdoors. We were excited to set up our brand-new tents (aren’t they pretty!). With our home base established, we spent the weekend exploring and hiking around the mountains.

Camping in DMC's tent.

We cooked up some delicious corn, baked potatoes, and chili for a hearty meal!

Campfire from Boston's outdoor camping.

Our brave leader, Phil, was constantly on watch protecting us from the clouds of mosquitos that were swarming around. Like an electrified tennis racquet, these bug zappers are no joke.

Phil with mosquito swatter.

Since we like our office so much, we couldn’t resist the temptation to also do some in-office camping!

Photo of DMC Boston's tent set up in the office.

Even in the office, it’s not camping without a campfire!

Photo of faux fire made of clear plastic container, fan, and red and yellow streamers.

Fry-Day (On a Friday of course)

One of the most delicious (and regrettable) meals I had this summer involved our mini deep fryer. We experimented with some "normal" items such as chicken and Oreos and some more adventurous ideas of mac n' cheese bites and steak! With some alcoholic milkshakes to wash it all down, we survived the night and all wanted nothing but vegetables for days.

Photo of snacks to fry in the fryer.

Just take a look at the gooey glory that is a fried Oreo.

Photo of a fried oreo.

A close second to the fried Oreo was the fried mac n' cheese bites!

Photo of mac n cheese bites frying in the fryer.

Sailing (Like Pirates!)

The fearless Captain Dan has taken us on many adventures this summer. Steering us through the frigid Boston Harbor, Captain Dan has managed to make things in Boston better than ever.

Photo of Dan captaining a DMC boat outing.

We decided (just like with camping) if it's fun outside, why not try it inside? Dan captained us in our nicely air-conditioned boardroom as well as we set up a surprise to celebrate his 10th anniversary at DMC.

Photo of DMC Boston conference room set up like a boat.

Being Aliens

In order to provide expert solutions, we sometimes try to channel our inner aliens.

It may or may not work but it certainly is fun!

Photo of Eric wearing two pairs of glasses.

In summary, DMC Boston is doing great! We can't wait to try more adventures as we continue engineering your problems away!

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