DMC East Coast Offices Bond in Historic Boston

DMC East Coast Offices Bond in Historic Boston

DMC's New York and Boston offices recently met up for a combined All Day Company Meeting (or ADCM).

DMC's ADCMs are a chance for entire offices to get together a few times a year for team-building, sharing knowledge, and having lots of fun through a constantly changing agenda. We've tried out WhirlyBall, gone ice skating, and even taken a day off like Ferris Bueller to explore Chicago. We wanted to extend this Ferris Bueller experience to our other offices, starting with Boston and New York.

Follow the Trail to Beer

After an early lunch at Beantown Pub, we met up with our tour guide from Ye Olde Tavern Tours to walk the Freedom Trail and see ten historic sites related to the American Revolution. Led by expert historians, we learned about the drunken and revolutionary history of Boston in the eighteenth century.

The Freedom Trail is a red brick road which begins at Boston Common and stretches to Charleston. The sites were paired with carefully selected, themed beer at some of the nation's most historic taverns including 21st Amendment, Scholars, and Bell in Hand.

At the last tavern on the tour, we caught our breath, relaxed, and chatted for a bit. Then, we passed out a scavenger hunt crossword puzzle we created based on Boston landmarks!

Scavenging for Fun

The group was split into teams who ventured out into the cold and wind to complete their puzzles.

"I don't like running, but I will run FOR things -- but only two things: Soccer and Scavenger Hunts. And boy did we run for this one. It was a great time!" - Ashley Sherwood

"It was wonderful to get to explore Boston with my coworkers and learn the history behind so many buildings and monuments that I walk past every day!" - Alexander Yared

"This was my first trip to the Boston office and I was excited to meet everyone in the office and explore Boston with them. Trying to map the optimal route to maximize our scavenger hunt finds (and minimize our time in the cold!) was a bit different than the usual problems we come across, but our DMC team was up to the challenge." - Robert Viramontes

The last clue was the pub we were all scheduled to meet up at 5:30 PM, The Black Rose. As each group straggled in, they compared photos taken at each site on the scavenger hunt. We sat in a largish room at the pub and ordered more beer and a plethora of appetizers, happy to be warm and reunited.

"I really enjoyed the ADCM. As someone who grew up in the Boston area, it was really fun to learn more about the city's history while stopping by local bars!" - Sophia Dolan

See what other fun stuff is going on at DMC!

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