The Holiday Party

The Holiday Party

Annual holiday parties are one of DMC's favorite traditions. At DMC holiday parties, everyone available gets together in January to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous year. Past parties have taken us everywhere from a glassblowing studio to a former prison!

Since DMC has continued to grow, and grow, and grow, we had holiday parties at more offices than ever this year!

New York Holiday Party

The New York holiday party took place on one VERY cold and windy night at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn.

Everyone chowed down on a buffet of food from Harvey. With no shortage of smart and funny people in the New York office, the night was spent laughing over shared memories and yummy drinks.

DMC NYC Holiday Party.

There was a very memorable offering of desserts including chocolate & espresso bread pudding with bourbon whipped cream, and sour cream cheesecake with hazelnut crumble and drunken strawberries.

DMC NYC - Simon, Jeff, Jon Carson - Office Head.

Everyone was having so much fun catching up that no one wanted the night to end. So, we bundled up and continued the party at Zablozki’s! Zablozki’s is a laid-back Brooklyn bar with billiards and pinball machines; practically perfect for the engineers in our New York office.

DMC NYC Engineers and friends.

There is a lot in the works for New York in the coming year. We're planning to grow the engineering staff and the office space!

Denver Holiday Party

Our Denver office met up at Lola Coastal Mexican, an Oaxacan, Yucatan peninsula, Baja Veracruz, and Northern Pacific Coast inspired restaurant. That’s a mouthful of inspirations, but they make delicious food.

The restaurant also boasts a collection of 200 different tequilas for mixing up tempting concoctions.

Photo Credit - Lola Denver Facebook

The Pork and waffles were an especially big hit across the board. Green chili marinated pork is served on a Belgian waffle with hot raspberry sauce. There was no end to the delicious options.

Photo Credit - Lola Denver Facebook

The Denver team has been busy this year traveling all over the Rocky Mountains and beyond, so sitting down at Lola’s gave everyone the opportunity to catch up and meet our newest Denver hires.

DMC Denver.

Boston Holiday Party

In Boston, the crew had dinner and drinks at Park Restaurant. Everyone dined on a meal of appetizers, and the meatballs were a favorite.

DMC Boston. Eric Baggen.

We may have emptied the restaurant's reserve of espresso martini. How could we pass up an opportunity for something so delicious?

DMC Boston. Alexander.

Much of the evening was spent catching up and laughing over inside jokes.

DMC Boston Group photo.

As Boston's Ashley Sherwood said, “The drinks were good, the food was great, and the conversation was even better."

Houston Holiday Party

Our Houston office met at Hugo’s for epic margaritas and an amazing spread of Mexican food.

DMC Houston.

Everyone stuffed themselves on redfish and tuna ceviche and duck mole tacos.

DMC Houston

As a holiday party tradition, the Houston office completed the 2018 edition of "Do You Know Your Coworkers". Cecilia Brookshier took home the championship!

DMC Houston

After eating our fill and quizzing each other, Houston made our way to not one, but two after parties. We stopped by The Dogwood, a rooftop bar, before giving in to the calling of late-night karaoke at Spotlight Karaoke Midtown.

DMC Houston.

Peter King was so good, he stole the show. The karaoke management gave us our own karaoke room so we could set our own set-list and go crazy.

Cecilia and Ryan Landwehr sang a duet of "Despacito" and Peter and John Williams performed an inspiring version of "Sweet Caroline." Everyone joined forces for a group performance of "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Chicago/St. Louis Holiday Party

DMCers in Chicago and St. Louis got together at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel’s Game Room for an epic night of food, drinks, and games.

Located in a historic hotel, Game Room is practically smothered in wood paneling and globe-like lamp lights cast the room in a warm glow.

Everyone was dressed to the nines, and we mingled and sampled just about every bite of food the kitchen had on the menu.

Somewhere between the canapes and the lobster tails, Tim Johnson guided us through speeches celebrating different DMC team’s accomplishments of the year.

Our president, Frank Riordan, wrapped up the speeches with a champagne toast and sent everyone off in search of more delicious food and fun games to play.

There was a full-sized bocce ball court, billiards, foosball, shuffleboard, and more. We also hosted several new hires that will be starting at DMC this year!

After closing-down the Game Room, many were ready for more fun, so we headed over to the Palmer House Hotel for more drinks and conversation.

With so many projects going on all over the world, it was great to catch up with team members who we haven't seen for a while. 

Our engineers shared stories from their free time at faraway project sites - wine tasting, mountain biking, petting African big cats. There are many fun stories and not nearly enough time to hear them all, but we sure had a great time trying.

There are so many amazing plans coming together in 2018. We're excited to keep working hard and having fun!

Find out what other fun things are going on at DMC.

Wish you were with us? Check out our Careers Page.


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