SoulCycle Takes DMC Chicago for a Ride

SoulCycle Takes DMC Chicago for a Ride

Before the weather in Chicago becomes nice enough to do things outdoors again, DMC decided to use part of our March activity fund budget to attend a SoulCycle class. The activity fund is a monthly budget in each DMC office to plan social events. For those who may not know, SoulCycle is an intense 45-minute indoor cycling class where you ride your bike to the beat of the music.

For some (read: one) of our engineers, SoulCycle is more than just an exercise class, it’s a way of life. This engineer’s Soul Journey started a bit over a year ago and it has recently become my mission to share my experience with my co-workers. At DMC, there is no better way than using the activity fund to share what you love with others!

Check out some of the highlights from our “Kanye and Friends” themed ride!

DMC Chicago team members attended a SoulCycle class together
Brave DMCers before class. Look at how excited everyone is!

“I am a huge proponent of group cycling classes, so I was SUPER excited when we decided to get a group of DMCers to attend a SoulCycle class together. I felt a new sense of comradery with my fellow employees as we battled those brutal uphill climbs and sprints to the tune of the ever-inspiring, Kanye West.”  – Elisha Harris

DMC is ready to ride at SoulCycle Getting ready to ride

“My first SoulCycle experience was awesome! The team atmosphere, music, and instructor were all super motivating, which led to a great workout. Our activity fund gave me a chance to try something new, and I would definitely try another SoulCycle class!” – Jason Wassel

DMC Chicago survived SoulCycle
Post-class, and only a little bit sweatier than we started!

“Soulcycle was a blast! I had such a fun time working up a sweat and dancing to Kanye. We lived up to DMC's core values of Have Fun and Make (fitness) Happen!” – Natalie Meeker

We all had a great time sweating together and can’t wait to try another exercise class soon!

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