DMC Conquers Puzzah! Escape Rooms

DMC Conquers Puzzah! Escape Rooms

What happens when a bunch of people who solve problems, aka puzzles, for a living go to an escape room? For my welcome party, we decided to find out! After pizza and happy hour at the office, the DMC Denver crew walked over to Puzzah! Escape Rooms to put our puzzle solving skills to the test.

When we arrived, we split into three groups, and the Puzzah! staff read us the rules of the game: no unplugging wires, breaking down doors, or forcibly removing things from the walls. All the usual stuff. Next, they led each group into their room, read them their escape scenario, and started the clock. 

The Great Escape

My group's game was technology and alien themed, which was perfect for a bunch of programmers. Challenges ranged from picking out the common theme from clues to solving riddles and ciphers. Just another day at the office, but with a much more interesting backstory. 

The first challenge took us longer than we would have liked to admit, but we got the hang of it as we went along. It was super helpful that all of the passcodes were only four digit numbers. If they had been using hex tokens, it would have been considerably harder! 

We "escaped" with a time of 41:02, placing us at the top of the record board for our room! Another DMC team had already finished and had also made it onto the record board. The third DMC team finished shortly after us, just barely longer than their room's record time. The staff at Puzzah! were very impressed, and they weren't at all surprised to learn that we were an engineering group. 

DMC Team at the top of the record board.

Moral of the Story

If you ever find yourself locked in a room with conveniently laid out clues to the exit, give DMC a call, and we'll be happy to help. 

DMC Denver at Puzzah!


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