Looking Forward - November 2011

Most of our blogs are about things we've already done or projects we've already completed. A fairly recent Freakonomics podcast talked about "The Folly of Prediction," and, being a pretty strong believer in Freakonomics wisdom, I'm not one to make bold predictions.

With that said, there are some exciting things that will be happening with a fair degree of certainty over the next several months:

  • We are continuing to hire. In addition to our college recruiting efforts, we are always looking for great people to join our team!
  • DMC is presenting at the CSIA Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our topic is SharePoint Dashboards.
  • We are expanding our office space to accommodate additional growth. Our plans are completed and we hope to have construction done by early 2012.
  • Our deck will start to get more consistent use. While we were happy with our inaugural deck party, it really was a little late in the season to get into a groove of enjoying it regularly.

  • DMC will hold our second ever FedEx Day next month. Come back soon to learn about the cool things we accomplished.
  • Shamrock Shuffle 2012 - This will be our 7th straight year of competing in this 8K run through downtown Chicago. We need some people or companies to compete with, so let us know if you're up for the challenge and we'll get a good wager placed.

  • Hustle Up the Hancock - Who doesn't want to climb up 94 floors at the end of February?
  • Company Gym - We've got the space and the inspiration, now we just need to make it happen. Aiming for Q1 2012.
  • Expanding our Consulting Practices offerings.
  • Participating in the Siemens Automation Summit where we plan on a great follow-up from this year's Connect Event.

So while I don't think I could predict anything big, I do think our plans are pretty interesting. Come back in a few months to see how we're doing.


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