DMC Office Update: Elf - A DMC Feature Film

DMC Office Update: Elf - A DMC Feature Film

At the beginning of each month, all DMC offices call in for an all-company meeting. During this meeting, we share knowledge and information on projects, introduce new employees, celebrate anniversaries and give office updates. 

Everyone gets most excited about the office update video that comes at the end of the meeting. This tradition started a few years back with the Boston office, and we now switch offices every month for who will give the update. Over time, it became a competition of who can make a funnier update video. 

In December, it was Chicago's turn to make an update video. Being slightly competitive, I was determined to make a hilarious video. Following the Christmas season and DMC's holiday cheer, I thought it would be an awesome idea to re-create the ever so famous movie, Elf!

Check it below or on our YouTube channel along with all of our other office update videos.

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