Boston Brainstorms Meeting Room Names

Boston Brainstorms Meeting Room Names

Each month, everyone at DMC gets together in person or via video conference for an all-company meeting. We take time to share knowledge, celebrate our coworker's promotions and anniversaries, and discuss any goals we have as a company. 

One part of the meeting that we have come to really look forward to are the premiers of monthly office update videos that each DMC office produces. This DMC tradition started in our Boston office (since the summer of 2013!), and now everyone takes turns. The videos are a great chance to get creative, have fun, and share what's been going on lately (or just make people laugh). Anyone can get involved and show off their skills and talents outside of engineering or accounting, etc. 

In this monthly update from the Boston office, the team needs to name conference rooms created in our recent expansion. DMC's East Coast leader and Project Director Jon Carson gets to work brainstorming names for the new rooms with the help from some friends. 

Check it out below or on our YouTube channel along with all of our other office update videos.

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