Mayhem is Loose at DMC St. Louis

Mayhem is Loose at DMC St. Louis

Every month, all DMC offices meet via video conferencing to share information and catch up together. The most anticipated part of the meeting is the office update video. Each DMC office takes a turn updating the rest of the company on their new projects and fun events. They typically close out with a hilarious video. 

As a nod to the Allstate “Mayhem” commercials, DMC St. Louis did a parody of the notorious series, but with a factory automation twist. In what could’ve been a completely preventable disaster, a hastily programmed robot on its first unattended shift is ready to wreak havoc on production.

It showcases the damage that can be done without the correct integrator on the job, and that dropping “The People’s Elbow” on some cardboard boxes can be fun at any age.

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