An Eggnog Toast with DMC St. Louis

An Eggnog Toast with DMC St. Louis

For the past several years, we at DMC have come together to toast the end of the year with eggnog. As we have expanded, this tradition has grown too.

What started in Chicago has grown to include all our regional offices. This year, everyone got together during happy hour via video link to watch and toast together to 2018 with eggnog!

Join me and the St. Louis office as we take you on a journey, "Wherever You Nog".

Wherever You Nog

When the last leaf releases, falling free in the snow, the season has changed, the northern winds blow.

A blustery wakening rises once more. Want a small respite? Just open and pour.

Nog Warms

Out of a carton, into a mug. Nestled amongst ice cubes, so snug.

If you yearn for the spring or wish for the beach, nog warms your belly, a nutmeg retreat!

Nog Brightens

As sunsets come sooner, clouds eat up the day. Time stretches bearing all work and no play.

Whispering softly, and egg-wash delight, nog will illuminate the darkest of night.

Nog Hugs

Your friends and your family arrive at your place, telling their stories, a wicked rat race.

Searching for meaning in a world that has none, nog offers a caring embrace, likely Rum.

Nog Hopes

Your goals for the future, regrets from the past, Christmas air flies souls flag at full mast!

Strong on the nose, thick in the cheek, nog’s liquor finish is the enlightenment you seek.

Nog Remembers

Every life landmark, the big and the small, the moments you tripped, the times you stood tall!

Where you were going, and where you began, nog’s neither what you expected or planned.

The frost in the window, the fireplace heat, the woeful smell of your grandpa’s plush seat.

Nog takes you places that you’ve never been and will do so tomorrow, again and again.

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