Women in Tech - Concepts in Diversity and Inclusion at DMC Chicago

Women in Tech - Concepts in Diversity and Inclusion at DMC Chicago

DMC sponsored a gathering of the Chicago chapter of WIT, Women in Technology, in our recently expanded office space. 

After kicking off the event with appetizers and a meet and greet, Chicago WIT co-chairs Annie Korsgard and Anjali Bharadwa introduced WIT’s core values and issues facing women in technology today.

The focus of this quarterly meeting was the importance of diversity and inclusion training in the workplace. 


WIT focuses on building a community for professional women and men who work in the technology sector. The goal is to create a pathway for women to attain leadership positions and develop profitable businesses in the tech industry.  

As a DMC employee and project manager on our Digital Workplace Solutions Team, Anjali was a familiar face to women in attendance. She and Korsgard shared more information about why organizations like WIT are important in supporting the growth of women who work in technology:

  • Only 26% of professional computing occupations in 2018 in the U.S. workforce were held by women 

  • Only 11% of professional computing occupations in 2018 in the U.S. workforce were held by women of color 

  • The turnover rate is more than twice as high for women (41%) than it is for men (17%) in tech industry jobs 


Attendees heard how research into diversity by McKinsey & Company supports a positive impact of inclusion on an organization’s successes.  

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to perform at above average profitability levels, and 35% more likely to perform at above average profitability levels when in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity in the workplace.  

The report, Delivering through Diversity, also found that these high-performing companies all developed diversity and inclusion strategies that aligned with their core company values. Having well-aligned strategies correlated with companies attracting top talent and improving their customer orientation. 


WIT’s main speaker of the evening, Theresa Stewart (Designer and Cultural Consultant from Colored), gave instructions in evaluating company need for diversity and inclusion training in the workplace.  

Stewart provided an honest and tangible look at the issues organizations can face when it comes to diversity and inclusion.  


The evening culminated in a chance for guests and WIT members to network and enjoy some appetizers at the DMC Chicago office. A discussion developed between WIT members and DMC members present regarding the issues faced by women and people of color within organizations around Chicago.

WIT members offered effective methods of diversity and inclusion training that they have used previously in their organizations, and DMC gained a lot of insight into what other technology companies are doing to create a positive impact in tech. 

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