Microsoft Power BI Pricing

Microsoft Power BI Pricing

Microsoft Power BI is a data analytics tool that gives both technical and non-technical users the ability to easily create interactive visualizations and dashboards from hundreds of different data sources.

Our Digital Workplace Solutions Team has hosted several Dashboard in a Day trainings throughout the Midwest where we give attendees an overview of the capabilities of Power BI and teach them how to create their own simple dashboards on the platform. Our attendees are able to quickly pick up the basics of Power BI and are then easily show off their new dashboarding capabilities to others inside their companies.

This often creates a surge in Power BI interest. However, licensing Power BI can create quite a headache for their IT departments as this is an add-on license to most Office 365 bundles. Below are the three different Power BI licensing structures and the best use case for each one.

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Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro licenses are available as a standalone license for $9.99 per user per month or as part of the Office 365 E5 license for $35 per user per month. These are individual licenses that are needed to both create and to view Power BI dashboards. Previously Microsoft offered the ability to view dashboards as part of a Power BI Free license, but that free license is no longer available. These licenses are best for smaller companies, or companies who only need to have Power BI capabilities for a limited number of users.

Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium is an offering designed for larger enterprise users.These licenses are billed for dedicated capacity in one of Microsoft's Azure Datacenters and not per user. These licenses are available at three different price points Power BI Premium P1- 8 cores and 25 GB of RAM for $4,995 per month, Power BI Premium P2- 16 cores and 50 GB of RAM for $9,995 per month, and Power BI Premium P3- 32 Cores and 100 GB of RAM for $19,995 per month. The Premium licenses allow all users in a company to see and create, and once a company has more than 500 Power BI users, these licenses start to make sense financially.

Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded is a licensing offering that Microsoft created for companies who want to embed the data analytics capabilities of Power BI in an application they are selling to their own clients. This license is also offered per capacity and not per user. The Power BI Embedded pricing will fluctuate based on usage and you can find the expected costs here. The starting price point for the Power BI Embedded licenses is $775 per month.

If you are interested in discussing Power BI licensing further, please feel free to reach out to me at

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