Editing Underlying Data in MS SQL Reporting Service (SSRS)

Editing Underlying Data in MS SQL Reporting Service (SSRS)

In the past, DMC has used MS SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) on multiple projects as a web-based reporting engine. I personally liked using SSRS a lot because it allowed us to design quite complicated reports in very little time. At the same time, I wished it were possible to edit data viewed in the report, such as editing row comments.

While it wasn’t possible to edit report data using the standard set of SSRS features, our team was able to find a way around this by creating a custom pop window (an ASP.NET web page) with the values that needed to be edited, and calling this popup from the SSRS report.

More details on how we implemented this solution can be found in our white paper, Editing Data in SQL Server Reporting Services.

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