Diversity, Customer Service, and Fun at DMC's ADCM 2019

Diversity, Customer Service, and Fun at DMC's ADCM 2019

​DMC's All Day Company Meeting (ADCM) brings each office together for a day of training and team building. In past years, DMC has split into teams to donate time and money to worthy causesrace sailboats in the Atlantic Ocean, and reconnected with the local American History. This year's ADCM had two main focuses: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training and customer service brainstorming.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

On Friday, October 25th, all DMC offices called in to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training presented in Chicago by Alida from Ethos Talent. Alida did an amazing job explaining the complex subject of DEI. We learned ways of mediating tough conversations and we were given tools to use when navigating uncomfortable situations. One of my favorite takeaways is: "Diversity is inviting someone to a party. Inclusion is asking them to join in on the conversation."

DMC Chicago does improv

Customer Service Brainstorm

For the next section of our ADCM, we broke into discussion groups to talk about DMC's Customer Service practices. Our small groups focused on topics including: What is the difference between loyal customers and satisfied customers? How can we better implement DMC's Customer Service Fundamentals? How do we balance our core value of "make it happen" while defining what "within reason" means?

From these brainstorm sessions, each small group came up with action items that can be implemented in the future. Some solutions were as simple as adding another checkbox to a proposal workflow or creating better flowcharts to explain our sales process.

DMC Chicago at ADCM 2019Chicago team members enjoying happy hour after a day of training and fun

Team Building

If you thought ADCMs are all about business, you're mistaken. Every DMC office has a unique personality. This is evident in how they chose to spend the team building portion of their ADCM. 

DMC Boston cooking classDMC Boston learning how to make pasta

On the East Coast, Boston tapped into their culinary talents and took a cooking class making a delicious Italian feast. New York started their day with some New York bagels and then toured around their beautiful city. Since their ADCM was on Halloween, the office donned some costumes while they visited MoMa and other food markets along the way. 

DMC New York in Halloween costumes
DMC New York dressed up for Halloween

Out West, Seattle spent their afternoon slipping and sliding with skill on a Curling Sheet, which is the technical term for the playing space in curling. 

DMC Seattle curling DMC Seattle curling
DMC Seattle goes curling

Our Texas teams in Houston and Dallas had a joint activity donating their afternoon to the Houston Food Bank. They helped fill over 576 boxes with nonperishables and other household necessities. 

DMC Houston volunteers at a food bankDMC Houston volunteers at the Houston Food Bank

Denver and Saint Louis spent the afternoon (in their respective cities) escaping ships guarded by pirates, and tombs haunted with mummies at escape rooms.

DMC Denver at an escape room
The Denver team conquers an escape room

DMC STL at an escape roomDMC St. Louis beat St. Louis Escape

In Chicago, we stretched our creative muscles by having local Second City alumni show us how easy, fun, and useful improv can be.

DMC Chicago does improvDMC Chicago does improv

The latest All Day Company Meeting was a great opportunity for DMC employees to step away from their everyday work and connect with their coworkers!

Learn more about DMC's company culture and contact us for your next project.


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