DMC Data Acquisition Application Featured in Control Engineering

DMC Data Acquisition Application Featured in Control Engineering

CFE Media's December 2020 issue of Control Engineering features an article by DMC Systems Engineer Ryan Yu on developing a custom LabVIEW data acquisition application. The application leverages SystemLink as a central database for storing and serving up data for data analysis and visualization.

Customization and Flexibility

In the article, Ryan outlines how DMC's solution offers the client both customization specific to its process and business needs as well as flexibility in managing test systems and data. 

DMC designed a four-step approach that leverages SystemLink’s data management tools to accomplish the client's goals. DMC wrote a custom LabVIEW application to gather high-speed test data from several remote NI devices and push it to a SysemLink server to securely store all of the data. SystemLink provides multiuser remote access and the ability to search, analyze, and display the data.  

The old data storage infrastructure was quickly updated into a server-based infrastructure that easily updates data management. Using the test executive and SystemLink integration, DMC's solution system provides a central location for data and the tools to manage and analyze it.

SystemLink Specialty

As a National Instruments SystemLink Specialty Alliance Partner, DMC is recognized for proven expertise with specific NI product platforms. 

Our clients use SystemLink software to manage tasks like software deployment, health and test monitoring, data configuration, and data management and visualization. Its open architecture works with other NI products and can incorporate third-party software and hardware. This flexibility allows NI partners to develop custom solutions offering distributed systems management.

For a detailed exploration of DMC's solution, read the full article on Control Engineering.

Learn more about DMC's SystemLink expertise and National Instruments partnership.


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