DMC Launches LIFT Leadership Program

DMC Launches LIFT Leadership Program

One of the perks of working at DMC is that there are leadership opportunities right away. Since one of our core values is "Make Things Happen," we have employees willing to jump in and take the lead. To continue growing and fostering our leaders at DMC, we recently established a leadership training program called LIFT.

What is LIFT?

LIFT stands for Leadership Improvements Forged Together. It is an ongoing, peer-based, and hands-on leadership development program.

To really launch this new initiative we decided to give it an outer space theme. LIFT is broken up into three phases that go along with our space theme: Lift-off, Ascent, and Orbit.

Mission Control is the team that has been hard at work getting the program up and running. The Mission Control team is Kristie Shea, Natalie MeekerRyan Landwehr, Dan Freve, John Sullivan, and Darren Jones

Our First Lift-off

Last month, we held our first pilot launch! Lift-off is a two-day,  in-person event for cadets to get to know each other and set the foundation for the rest of the program. Topics include the role of a leader at DMC, mindset & values, growing as a leader at DMC, and building a vision for your career.

This group of eight cadets from across DMC offices and service areas was led by Kristie Shea as their flight instructor. The event was very interactive and discussion-based. It is meant to form a leadership peer group for the cadets.

Our first Lift-off was a success! Here is what some of our cadets had to say about it: 

"What I loved so much about Lift-off was how it gave me the time and space to reflect meaningfully on my career, and where I want it to go next. Kristie (and the rest of the Mission Control team) did a really great job putting together sessions that framed the few days we had together in a really productive way." - Emily Shanker, Project Engineer

"Lift-off exceeded my expectations for sure, and I'm so excited to see what Ascent and Orbit have in store! It was great to start with an offsite where we could focus on the discussions and set the stage for the upcoming topics." - Anne Patterson, Accounting Manager

What's Next?

After Lift-off, this group moves into the Ascent phase. This is an eight-month phase where the group meets monthly with leadership-focused topics like goal setting, coaching, strategic prioritization and time management, and decision making.

After Ascent, the group moves into the final, ongoing phase: Orbit. This is an ongoing peer support group that meets six times per year and topics are ad-hoc.

Our plan is to launch another group soon and continue to launch groups in the LIFT program. We'll share updates and insights as we go, so check back on this blog to follow along!

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