Lakefront Segway Tour - Welcome Party

Lakefront Segway Tour - Welcome Party

Welcome Parties are one of our favorite ways to have fun at DMC. Every new DMC employee gets to choose an activity or event to attend with coworkers to get to know their team in a casual setting. 

DMC Chicago recently welcomed 4 new engineers: Austin Maryanski, Ben Dyer, Charlie Gordon, and Roman Cyliax. The group combined their welcome parties to take a Segway tour on the lakefront!

The Welcome Party

After pizza at the office, the party of 15 carpooled to Chicago Segway Tour. A brief training session followed.

"We had a really fun instructor at the Segway place," Charlie said. "He brought a lot of unique energy, and it was pretty funny to listen to his instructions and to hang out with him on the tour."

The tour began at Navy Pier, and continued along the lakefront to the Museum Campus, where atendeees got a beautiful view of the lake. Although several new team members were familiar with the Chicago area, the tour gave them a fresh perspective. 

"I've been to that part of Chicago a couple of times, but being on a Segway made it a whole different experience," Roman said. "It really amazed me how fast they were; I was not expecting them to be that fast."

It was the first time on a segway for many, but everyone had a great time. 

"I've lived in Chicago my entire life [...] but, being on a segway, going fast around the area, that was a lot of fun," Charlie agreed. "It gives you a new type of mobility and perspective."

"It was a lot of fun," Ben said. "I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a lot easier to ride than I expected."

The tour was one of several recent opportunites for the new hires to get to know DMCers outside of their own service areas, and Roman says he "really appreciate[s] that about DMC."

Getting Started at DMC

Now approaching their 3rd week at DMC, the new hires are settling into their offices, teams, and roles.

"I've been really happy with the onboarding process here. I've had a couple of internships before, [and] I think DMC has handled it the best," Ben said. "The training has been pretty well organized. You get to meet people through the trainings; you're not just being taught by one person over and over and over again, which would get really redundant. Being able to branch out a little bit and talk to a bunch of different project managers or more senior engineers has been really nice." 

With several DMC traditions (including FedEx Day 2022) behind them, the new hires are getting to know and enjoy DMC's culture.

"I really love the atmosphere and the company culture," Roman said. "I'm keeping busy; I think those are really good elements to the first couple weeks."

With experience in smaller companies, Charlie was curious how working at DMC would compare.

"I was very excited to Join DMC, but, at the same time it was a little bit intimidating joining a 200+ person company," Charlie said. "I was worried about whether I would actually get to meet everyone and talk to people, but, I think, so far, everyone's done a great job of being welcoming."

Austin agrees and says, "it's been fun. Theres a lot of cool experiences, and everybody's not doing the same thing."

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