A Quality Team: DMC Recertifies for ISO 9001:2015

A Quality Team: DMC Recertifies for ISO 9001:2015

As DMC grows, we continue to look for ways to improve, especially when it comes to our clients. We are driven by client success, which is why one of our core values is Respond To The Customer.

With this core value in mind, DMC is proud to announce that our Test and Measurement team recently completed ISO 9001:2015 recertification. This shows our commitment to a high-level of quality and quality management. This also speaks to two other core values: Share Information and Make Things Happen.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001, the International Standard for Organizational Quality, is an internationally recognized standard for quality management. It is a set of requirements that a company must meet to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products or services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Applying ISO 9001 to Engineering Services

For us, the first step was to learn the ISO 9001 standard and how it can benefit our operations as an engineering services company. ISO 9001 is often used by manufacturing companies, where standardization clearly benefits manufacturing processes, though it was not as clear how these structures would apply to the creative solution-building environment at DMC.

In developing our Quality Management System, we were deliberate in identifying our "product," which can look very different for the variety of DMC clients and projects. Ultimately, our product is a successful solution, and we defined our quality system to ensure the right steps take place — including iterative design, development, and review/testing.

In this process we were also driven to think clearly about how we execute our key organizational processes — including leadership, quality, training, sales & communication, design & production, and purchasing.

Once we had a strong grasp of the ISO 9001 requirements, and a clear understanding of our de facto processes, we could exercise our core value of Make Things Happen and get to work building and adapting our quality procedures, then roll them out to the team.

What This Means for DMC

While ISO 9001 certification is a benefit for DMC, it is also a benefit for our customers. Our quality system drives better solutions, and ultimately helps us improve the customer experience.

The certification also gives us the opportunity to Share Information. Customers can now see the commitment we put into our quality management and tracking systems, along with how we are committed to following best practices, meeting requirements, and reducing inefficiencies.

Achieving ISO 9001 is a significant milestone for DMC, demonstrating continued growth as a company and commitment to customer success.  

Learn more about DMC’s Test & Measurement Automation and contact us today for your next project.


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