DMC Presents at IME East Conference

DMC Presents at IME East Conference

The DMC team presented at the IME East conference for the first time this year. The conference was held June 10-12 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, New York.  

What is IME East?  

IME East is a conference uniting engineers and designers to solve problems and move manufacturing forward. DMC presented at the automation technology section of the conference.  

Industry 4.0  

Jon Carson, Senior Director of DMC’s East Region, presented on how Industry 4.0 can help unlock new business opportunities for companies. Industry 4.0 is the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing field. His presentation included case studies of successful companies that have embraced Industry 4.0 and leveraged it to their advantage.  

He discussed the skills and capabilities needed to thrive in the Industry 4.0 era in hopes of leaving attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Industry 4.0 and its potential for unlocking growth and success for their company.  

“It was great to work with the Industry 4.0 Club to share some of these ideas,” Jon said. “They hosted some great discussions, ranging from technical challenges to organizational changes that are needed. It was wonderful to see such a diverse range of speakers and panelists.” 

Attracting Gen Z to the Manufacturing Profession  

Sheila Kennedy-Moore, Systems Engineer, also spoke in a panel about attracting Gen Z employees to the manufacturing profession. This panel focused on talking about how Gen Z will be the next leaders and operators in factories of the future and how it is important to figure out how to attract more workers.  

“It was great being able to talk to other Gen Z people and what they thought about their companies,” Sheila said. “We seem to have a similar mindset about things like company culture, diversity, sustainability and work-life balance, and it seems to matter a lot more to our generation than it does previous generations.”  

DMC is grateful to have had the opportunity to speak at this conference, and we look forward to future IME events. 

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