How to Zoom in ANY LabVIEW Version

How to Zoom in ANY LabVIEW Version

For those of us not fortunate enough to edit code in LabVIEW 2023 Q3 +, where zooming in and out of block diagrams is finally natively supported, we have to get clever. 

Below are a few unconventional tips on how to zoom in LabVIEW prior to 2023 Q3. 

1: Change Your Resolution

LabVIEW came out in the day when a 640x480 monitor was common, so that's why it can feel more natural to use tools in a block diagram when your resolution is lower than 1920x1080. 

A computer menu showing Windows Display Settings

I would not recommend anything lower than 1024x768, as you start to lose a lot of editing space. Also, be aware of your monitor's aspect ratio. If you're using 1920x1080, switching to 1366×768 will scale everything up in size without distorting the shape.

2: Use Windows Magnifier

Again, these are unconventional tips, but this one technically works. Search "Magnifier" in Windows and use that tool. You might have to change the zoom settings type in options from "Full Screen" to "Docked" or "Lens." Shown below is "Lens."

LabVIEW block diagram code with a zoomed in rectangle using Window's Magnifier

3: Use Virtual Reality

In the spirit of being even more unconventional, you can always use a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and stream your computer to that headset for a very close up view. All the performance gains of easier to see code are quickly lost with the unconventional 3D manipulation environment. But, you're still here and interested, so here's how to do it: 

  1. Download a PC to VR streaming application, such as this free Virtual Desktop Streamer application. 
  2. Use a compatible VR headset with whatever streaming application you got. I used a Meta Quest 2. This is not worth spending money on, so do not buy a headset and just stop here if you don't own one. 
  3. Start LabVIEW and begin editing.

Just for the novelty, I've shown how immersive and unencumbered the experience can be in the demo video below: 

4: More ways?

If you have a preferred way of zooming in (or out) while using LabVIEW prior to 2023 Q3 and it is not one of the three options above, post a comment!

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