New White Paper: Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Testing

New White Paper: Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Testing

DMC has been involved in quite a few battery testing projects lately. We thought it would be helpful to assemble a compilation of some of the general things we have learned into a new white paper....

"Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Testing in a Manufacturing Environment"

If you are interested in the automotive battery packs used in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and how they are tested, this article should contain some pretty useful information.

If you are new to the EV battery world, the article contains a good starting place to begin your learning process. If you're already in the EV field, it should serve as a good reference and hopefully provide some pointers on best practices for implementing a testing strategy.

If you are interested in our Battery Testing Platform here are some case studies to browse.


Electric vehicles are clearly becoming a growing part of the automotive scene. They promise low or no emissions, conceivably low cost of fuel from the power grid, yet they will continue to deliver us safely from here to there. However, electric vehicle design and manufacturing is a clearly a paradigm shift for the Auto Industry – new drive systems, technologies… and test plans.

Electric vehicles are bringing new test and validation challenges to the automotive industry as the electronic and software content of the vehicles grow. In this white paper, we will discuss the basics of electric vehicle battery pack designs and some of the tests that should be performed on them in a manufacturing environment. We’ll also show you how the DMC Battery Testing Platform can help solve these complex testing problems.


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