Using NI Certified LabVIEW Developers? Why not?

Using NI Certified LabVIEW Developers? Why not?

I'm not sure if anyone else remembers taking typing tests. I know I do, and not fondly either. While no fun to take, they serve a valuable purpose to a would-be employer. If you are going to pay someone to complete tasks that involve entering text on a keyboard, shouldn't you make sure you are hiring someone who can crank out as many words per minute as possible, while keeping mistakes to a minimum? So why not give them a typing test?

By the same reasoning, it makes sense to select Certified LabVIEW Developers to complete your National Instruments' LabVIEW automation projects.

Achieving a "Certified LabVIEW Developer" designation is a two step process. The first step is passing the Certified Associate LabVIEW Developer exam; the second, passing the Certified LabVIEW Developer exam. This second step requires completing and passing a 4 hour practical exam administered directly by NI representatives. Just completing this exam is a test of programming proficiency, knowledge, and speed. Passing the exam is a sure-fire demonstration of the ability to maintain code quality and standards while under pressure. I guess you can think of this as the LabVIEW equivalent of a typing test.

According to the National Instrument's website, a LabVIEW Certification level of "Developer" signifies that an individual has demonstrated:

"...advanced knowledge of and application-development experience in implementing software applications. Certification candidates must display technical proficiency with the product line by passing a four-hour practical exam.

At DMC, we use NI certifications to validate our expertise and differentiate our skills when we bid for your project. We think of NI LabVIEW certification as a strategic investment that benefits our Clients with increased productivity, demonstrated project management skills, reduced risk of project failure or delay, and an overall competitive advantage in providing robust applications on-time.

Check out our LabVIEW certifications online at You'll see that DMC has the largest team of certified LabVIEW Developers in the Midwest and one of the largest groups of LabVIEW Architects in the world.

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