March Programming Madness - The Bracket

March Programming Madness - The Bracket

With the final few plays of the super bowl still fresh in mind, we enter March on the verge of another of the greatest events in sports, the March Madness of Programming Languages. This epic, world-renowned event (not to be confused with the similarly named athletic event) pits some of best programming languages head to head.

At DMC, we pride ourselves in being fluent in many, many software languages from LabVIEW and .Net to PLC’s and microcontrollers. A team of engineers came up with a list of the world’s best programming languages and seeded them from 1 to 16. If these potential matchups don’t make your heart race you might want to see a doctor, because you are probably a robot.

Over the month of March I will be weighting input from our engineers and readers to (arbitrarily) decide who moves on and who goes home. Obviously this is a completely subjective exercise, but I am hoping that it exposes the strengths of the contending languages and that we all gain exposure to new architectures and programming approaches.

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Now without further ado, I submit the initial rankings:

  1. C# .Net
  2. Java
  3. C++
  4. C
  5. LabVIEW
  6. Ruby On Rails
  7. Objective C
  8. Ladder
  9. Python
  10. PHP
  11. Matlab
  12. VB .Net
  13. VBA
  14. Fortran
  15. Assembly
  16. Punch Cards

Feel free to submit your 2 cents if you feel like your favorite was left off the list or if you are abhorred by any of the ranks. Otherwise, check out the bracket and get ready for a crazy, action packed March of software reviews and architecture discussions!

Continue on to Part 2 - The Snubs


Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Programming Madness National Championship
The programming laugnage for iPhone is Objective-C, not C, not C++. Although Objective-C and c/c++ are alike, you don't need to know C/C++ before learning Objective-C.You need to know OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and MVC (Model View Controller) concepts.Once you learned how to program in Objective-C, you can dive in iPhone SDK and start to develop real iPhone programs.iPad SDK is essentially the same as iPhone SDK.
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Programming Madness - Diving into Round 2
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
March Programming Madness - Round 1 - Part2
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
March Programming Madness - Let the Nerdament Begin
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
March Programming Madness - The Snubs
Robert Salm
# Robert Salm
In which decade will Pascal finally get recognition? And COBOL, people. You youngins mention Fortran and don't mention ANSI COBOL? The shame.
Dan Aukes
# Dan Aukes
strategy = {}
strategy['c']='python can wrap all your favorite c functions'
strategy['ladder']='python punches ladder right in the face'
strategy['matlab']='python is a better scripting language than matlab because classes weren't hacked in for r13 like 5 years ago'
strategy['.net'] = 'python ALSO has a huge set of packages which build on its functionality, just like .net'

def test(language):
return strategy[language]

for language in bracket:
Nick Shea
# Nick Shea
Microsoft must have had a strong conference this year - even VBA got an at-large bid. SQL, on the other hand, didn't have the strength of schedule and was relegated to the IT tournament.
# Sanjay
You seem to have forgotten a language that most of you probably use more frequently than many of the others on this list .. SQL
Jessica Mlinaric
# Jessica Mlinaric
I trust English has been omitted due to it's upper-division ranking?
Dan Freve
# Dan Freve
Anyone else hoping for a "Punch Cards" Cinderella story?!

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