Hello Elston - Take 1

Hello Elston - Take 1

In a previous blog post, I discussed our upcoming move from 1333 N. Kingsbury in Chicago to our new address:

2222 N. Elston Ave, Suite 200

Chicago, IL 60614

Our main phone remains the same - 312-255-8757 and we even kept the same email addresses.

Also of note, Tim Jager posted a moving (pun really wasn't intended and now that it's there I can't come up with a better word) video saying Farewell to Kingsbury.

We moved in at the beginning of May and the best thing about the move was that I was at the CSIA Conference in Orlando while it happened. Overall, the move went incredibly well.

And now, I am happy to post the first few images of our new office. We're still waiting on a bunch of new furniture and other items so the formal video and better pictures might be a little ways off, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these. If you're ever in the area, please feel free to stop in.

Below is our formal conference room, The Evergreen Room. We decided to name our rooms after previous locations. Interestingly enough, the Whole Foods near our old office stole the idea and names their sandwiches after nearby streets. How they did that almost 2 years before our move is beyond me.

DMC's Evergreen Room

Below is a view of the open floor plan with engineers working in their natural environment. There's a ton of natural light now that the glass block windows were replaced with glass pane windows.

Here's another shot of the open floor plan. Stay tuned - next time the work surfaces will be replaced and Anjali and Nick might have some company in the photo shoot.

This is a picture of Danny. He's very happy because he calculated that his work area is at the "exact center of the office." I think it was Freve who put his chair on top of his desk to make it so he was also in the vertical center of the office. After consulting with OSHA it was determined the chair had to come down to floor level.

Here's Leon hard at work. He has the best artwork in the office.

Want to find some office supplies? We've got 'em, and, if you look closely at this photo, you'll notice that every drawer & shelf is properly labelled. (There's also a supply map in SharePoint in case you want to plan your trip).

Carson & Nick chat at an unnamed collaboration area. It was going to be named Sedgwick but that name was co-opted for another room. We are open to naming suggestions for this area.

Here's a lunch meeting in the Kingsbury Room. The tables can flip up & be rolled out of the way so we all could hang out on bean-bag chairs around the room. If we had bean-bag chairs, that is.

Our kitchen is fully stocked - nothing like caffeine & sugar (or artificial sweetener) to keep people motivated.

This is the iron structure for our rooftop deck. On top of that will go a wooden deck. On top of that will go people, grills, chairs, umbrella tables, maybe a bag tossing game, jarts (if they weren't illegal and inappropriate for a wooden deck), and anything else that you might expect to see on a rooftop deck.

Here's the view of downtown from our soon to be completed roof top deck. On a very foggy day (like it is right now) you can see for up to a city block.

That's it for now. We will have some more postings soon as more things get completed.


Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
DMC Office Expansion Construction Kickoff
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Happy Employees Make Happy Customers
Tom Koller
# Tom Koller
Nice crib Frank, you're a heavy hitter now.
Constantine Grapsas
Good Job guys. Now I see why I could not find anyone!!!!
Are you having a Disney room?
Rich Parkhurst

Congratulations on the new location! These new digs look awsome, I can't wait to see them in person!
Peter Zafiro
Well done. Quite an upgrade from the original digs! The roof top is a great idea. Looking forward to a visit.
# TokyoBrian
Looks great Frank!
I LOVE seeing all these amazing pictures! The office is beautiful -- contemporary, streamlined, classy, with a touch of old-style charm. I hope you and the company have many happy and successful years in this space! My suggestion for the collaboration area is "The Coop." My only wish is that you were in Boston so I could aspire to clean your floors for you.

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