DMC Achieves Most LabVIEW Architects in Midwest!

DMC Achieves Most LabVIEW Architects in Midwest!

DMC demonstrated our LabVIEW expertise again by receiving seven new certifications, including three Architect Certifications, putting DMC among the highest level of LabVIEW Architects in the country. With the additional Developer Certifications, DMC now has the most LabVIEW certifications in the region.

Congratulations to four new Certified LabVIEW Developers: Danny Budzinski, Eric Nielsen, Jesse Batsche, and David Simons. All candidates passed with scores greater than 93%. Special mention goes to Danny for getting a perfect score!

Congratulations to three new Certified LabVIEW Architects: Jody Koplo, Brent Hoerman, and Darren Jones. Per the National Instruments website, the LabVIEW Architect does the following:

  • Demonstrates mastery in architecting LabVIEW applications for a multi-developer environment
  • Demonstrates technical expertise and software development experience to architect LabVIEW components
  • Manages projects by effectively utilizing project and configuration management tools

National Instruments has three levels of LabVIEW Certification: Associate Developer, Developer, and Architect. More information can be found on NI's website.

Also, visit DMC’s profile on

NI LabVIEW Certification Levels

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