Using LabVIEW with Windows XP Embedded (XPe)

Using LabVIEW with Windows XP Embedded (XPe)

I recently finished a project that checked for gas leaks on a mission critical system. Any leaks needed to be diagnosed and discovered as quickly as possible. Our solution also had to be mobile and easily carted around the facility.

To develop a system that was incredibly reliable and also capable of displaying and logging important data, we settled on an architecture that used a National Instruments cRIO for data acquisition and a Windows XP Embedded PC as the front end for display and control. To program the system and tie everything together, we used LabVIEW on both pieces of hardware. The result is a system that can be powered off in mid-test without losing any data and is completely fanless and vibration safe. XP embedded allowed us to lock down the PC hardware so much that systems operators will not realize they're using a Windows-based machine.

Although LabVIEW is not officially supported on XP Embedded, it runs with very few headaches. We are already discussing the possibilities of using XP Embedded to provide secure test and measurement stations for several other clients.

More XP Embedded info:

LabVIEW and Windows XP Embedded (XPe)


Juan ANtonio
# Juan ANtonio
Hello Jody:

I am a student from Spain doing a final studies project based on a cuasi real time PID control position using labview and computer vision.

I want to instal windows embedded standard 7 on a computer to use Labview.

I want to disable all processes applicationss, and services that could interrupt te execution of labview.

I only need the Hard disk, usb (joystick, storage and mouse), keyboard and wireless lan card to work.

I work connecting my wireless Lan card to an embedded system that is inside a Drone. We comunicate by UDP port only.

What features have I to choose?

I have tried to work with windows 7(not embedded) disabling all drivers I dont need, and uninstalling all applications that I dont need but I still have the following problem:

Every 66 seconds a process takes the control of the wireless card during 2-3 seconds and my communicacion is slow during this secconds. I will Run the PID control with this data stream.

Thanks in advance Jody
Jody Koplo
# Jody Koplo

The way XPe works is it's a stripped down version of Windows XP. This means that there's no default installation of XP Embedded. XPe can be stripped down to the point where there isn't even a graphical interface, or it can be built with a full complement of modules and be virtually identical to Windows XP.

It's my understanding that this is why NI can't officially support XPe. If you are using their hardware, then they can make sure that the installation is built up with all the required modules.

With all that being said, most XP Embedded PCs come with a very full featured installation. We've had good success running XPe machines from Advantech and HP and some other manufacturers.

In short, it should work, but there is no warranty from NI that it will.

Hope that helps,
# Laurent
Hi Jody,
One quick question:
have you tried to run LV executables on a touch panel running XP Embedded? NI does not officially support LV on XPe unless you use the Touch Panel Module, or DSC.

From what I read in your post and others, it should be ok, unless some hardware issue on the target. Any insight you can share?

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