Versioning and Beyond for RTexe Deployment

Christian Loew, a Systems Engineer at NI, has developed an open source utility for deploying rtexe's to a variety of Real-Time and Touch Panel targets. He has written a detailed white paper on how to use his application and the areas where users can add their own custom functionality to increase the usefulness of the current utility. The interface allows the user to view connected nodes, edit their configurations, check currently deployed rtexe files and also provides a list of configurations stored on the host system that are available to be deployed to any connected node. The utility allows the user to assign version info and other rtexe specific descriptions. These features, while available for all other exe applications, is not natively incorporated into the LabVIEW RTexe application builder. Best of all, users are encouraged to start with this reference architecture and build in more complex distributed system configuration functionality. For more info and to download the current code base visit the NI Developer Community.


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