DMC at NIWeek 2009

DMC at NIWeek 2009

Every summer, National Instruments holds the NIWeek conference in their home town of Austin TX. This year, DMC has three of us attending: Jesse Batsche, Eric Nielsen, and myself.

Monday was “Alliance Day”, tailored to NI Alliance Members, as well as the day for various closed sessions, such as the Big Physics conference to address technologies and trends related to large scale physics applications (particle accelerators, extremely large telescopes).

Tuesday through Thursday is the bulk of the conference, open to all attendees.

Below is a short list of notable technologies and demonstrations. Stay tuned for details in future blog posts.

  • Hypervisor, allowing RT and Windows to run on same computer
  • LV2009
    • Parallel For loops
    • RT Mathscript
    • Sharing Code snippets via images
    • Native recursion
  • New CRIO controller backplane
  • 2.6X performance increase
  • 3+X FPGA capability
  • cRIO motion control!!
  • Demo: “flying blade of amputation
  • RIO laser harp


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