NI Week 2012 Quick Update

NI Week 2012 Quick Update

I know it might be hard to believe given my LabVIEW Architect status and 5+ years’ experience, but I arrived in muggy-but-nice Austin, TX this afternoon for my very first NI Week. No matter what the weather has been like in Chicago this summer, and even if Ken thinks the rooms inside are too cold to bear, it is pretty intensely HOT. Despite the fact that my cab from the airport didn’t have A/C, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and soak in as much of the experience as I can, without letting the sweat soak in quite as much.

Before doing a little bit of Friday Night Lights fan touring, I headed over to the convention center to pick up my packet for the week. There are definitely some highlights that I’m looking forward to and hope to blog more about soon:

  • Learning about the NI Actor Framework (great OO and architecture potential)
  • Checking out .Net integration features (including Measurement Studio and WPF rumors)
  • Enjoying the Robot Summit whenever I have a free slot in my schedule (because as most everyone knows, I love robots)
  • Revelling in my Architect Status (I assume it's going to be like trying to fly First Class on Southwest)


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NI Week 2012 - Data Acquisition Done Right - Happy .Net Day!
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NI Week 2012 - Robot Summit

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