DMC White Papers Go Live

DMC White Papers Go Live

We are happy to announce a new section of our website has gone live: DMC White Papers! We have planned on adding this section ever since we revamped our website four months ago. At this point in time we have two white papers.

First there is Ken Brey's discussion of optimization of a servo system for a non-linear mechanical movement. It details Ken's work for a client earlier this year to optimize a system for maximum speed without over-taxing the server/amplifier system. We get into lots of fun with detailed physics equations with the end result being cost and process-time savings for our customer.

We also have Matt Puskala's undergraduate thesis project, Design of a PC Controlled Vision Inspection System. The project and technology used is a little old and outdated, but there certainly are some interesting vision inspection concepts that are still very relevant.

Very soon Eric Anderson will be adding his white paper discussing converting sequential function charts (state machines) into ladder logic (fun with PLCs).

Update 9/10/2009: Eric Anderson's white paper, State Function Chart to Ladder Diagram Translation, is now live and available for download. Unfortunately we have temporarily taken down Ken's white paper, as the customer has requested the time for additional review for confidential information.

Update 10/28/2009: Ken's white paper is available again!


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