DMC to Present at the Siemens 2015 Automation Summit

DMC to Present at the Siemens 2015 Automation Summit

Every year, DMC looks forward to sharing best practices and industry innovations at the Siemens Automation Summit. The 2015 Siemens Automation Summit will be held June 22 - 25, 2015, at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas, NV. The four day event offers educational programming and networking opportunities with a focus on Siemens automation product end users.

DMC is proud to again be among the presenters at this year's summit. If you're attending, we'd love to see you at our sessions.

Leveraging TIA Portal for Rockwell to Siemens Conversions: Best Practices and Lessons Learned with Case Studies - Nick Shea
Siemens has partnered with DMC and other certified Siemens Solution Partners to host Rockwell to TIA Portal Workshops across the US. These workshops are designed to introduce the Siemens TIA Portal engineering platform to programmers already familiar with Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000.

In this presentation, we will compare the Rockwell and Siemens engineering platforms and discuss competitive advantages of the Siemens TIA Portal – all using examples from recent Rockwell to Siemens conversions performed by DMC.
Wednesday, June 24; 8 - 8:45 a.m.; Starvine 10 & 11

Advanced Integrated Safety for your Motion Control System - Kristie Shea
Integrated safety has become an integral part of machine solutions. This presentation will focus on safety solutions specific to motion control applications. DMC will draw from case studies ranging from the standard Safety Torque Off (STO) which is widely used, to a packaging application that utilized Safe Limited Position (SLP), a micro filler application that linked a Safety PLC to a Simotion controller and utilized Safe Limited Speed (SLS), and an automotive application that utilized STO, SLS, and Safe Stop 1 (SS1). DMC will also demonstrate some of the motion safety features available in the new S7-1500F.

Learn how Siemens’ advanced safety and motion control best practices were used in all of the above solutions and how they can enhance your next application.
Wednesday, June 24; 12:45 - 1:30 p.m.; Starvine 10 & 11

Sinamics Motion Control Using TIA Portal - Kevin Ferrigno
DMC recently worked with a packaging company to convert one of their bottling and capping machines to a Siemens controlled solution. The new solution uses cutting edge Siemens technology to deliver improved control and integration with their customer, while reducing complexity of the program controls. This presentation describes that solution, which uses the PLC Open motion commands integrated in TIA Portal V13 for the S7-1500 controller and high-speed actuator timing with Process Image Partitions. There are three separate axes controlled by SINAMICS G120 drives with CU250 control units that were virtually synchronized using a combination of Positioning Axis and Synchronous Axis technology objects. The high-speed actuators needed to handle speeds of up to 850 bottles per minute, or about 70 ms per bottle, leaving a small margin for error. The system design will be discussed, as well as highlights, challenges, and lessons learned from using the Motion Control package in TIA Portal.
Wednesday, June 24; 11 - 11:45 a.m.; Starvine 10 & 11

Keeping Your Facility Safe: Is Wireless Safety Safe? - John Sullivan
For years the only way to truly have a safe system was to utilize hard wires and contacts in order to ensure that power was not being transmitted to certain pieces of equipment. Eventually Safety PLCs and programmable safety helped to increase flexibility and made it easier to create and manage a safe system. Now wireless safety is permitting people to improve usability and decrease the cost of electrical design and wiring while still maintaining a safe system.

We will take a look at how Profisafe can be utilized with a mix of wireless access points, safe drives, remote safety IO, and a Safety PLC to allow for a configurable, flexible, and safe system. We will then walk through the design and implementation of a Siemens complete safety solution rated SIL4 (PL-D). We will discuss the system's separate safety zones, its potential hang ups, and all the ways that IWLAN Safety can make your next safety system easier to implement.
Tuesday, June 23; 4:45 - 5:30 p.m.; Ironwood Ballroom 1


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