Madness in the Lab: DMC Boston's 2015 Spring Party

Madness in the Lab: DMC Boston's 2015 Spring Party

Madness in the Lab: Empirical Confirmation of Engineering Credo

Work Hard, Play Hard. The motto is oft-repeated at DMC, but is it proven in practice? We recently ran an experiment at the DMC Boston office to confirm or disprove this saying. Our thesis held that the phrase had arisen with good cause, and reflected the realities of the professional and social habits of the individuals found in and around DMC environments. Further, we predicted these behaviors to be directly related to our #6 core value, "Have Fun." It is our pleasure to announce positive evidence was obtained for both hypotheses.

The structure of the experiment was outlined as follows: the members of the DMC Boston office were to host a party in late spring. Their broad objective was to prepare a mad science themed party in a similar vein to past DMC events, such as the annual Oktoberfest or the carnival party held at the DMC Chicago office.

The motivation to work hard extends beyond the innate work ethic at DMC. Thus, the penchant for friendly competition is found even in our party preparation. Given DMC Denver's recent Opening Day, Opening Day event and Chicago's own Mad Science party the Boston team was prepared to work hard to make our own event stand out. We would draw our result from the party's level of fun.

Our secret weapon? The Automatic Bartender. The mad scientists at DMC developed this device to allow our guests to order a drink using their smartphones! Between the Automatic Bartender and our buffet of BBQ catered by Red Bones, our clients, vendors, and friends were enjoying a maximum level of fun. 

Yet our experiment didn't end there. Guests were invited to engage in hands-on scientific exploration. We pushed the limits of viscosity with Non-Newtonian fluid, flipped the switch on our taste buds with Miracle Berries, and had a hair-raising time with the Van de Graaff generator

Given the experimental results, we declare that we have obtained evidence for a correlation between “Work Hard” and “Play Hard” behaviors amongst individuals at DMC and the clients thereof. However, we recognize that correlation does not imply causation, and that further data points are necessary for full confirmation of the hypotheses set forth in this study. To that end, it is the recommendation of the authors to perform repeated experiments, as well as causative analysis of fun activities. Thanks for participating in DMC Boston's mad science experiment!

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