Chicagoland LabVIEW User Group Meeting at DMC

Chicagoland LabVIEW User Group Meeting at DMC

DMC hosted the Chicagoland LabVIEW User’s Group meeting at our office last month. It was another great turnout with over 30 local LabVIEW users and National Instruments present as well, with Kalin Taskov and Al Rudnick joining to participate.

After several years of being a part of a great user group, Chicago brought home the hardware for the best user group of the year at NIWeek 2015 for the second consecutive year! 

Chicago Brings Home the Lugnut Award for Best LabVIEW User Group
This meeting's topic, LabVIEW User Interface Design, included presentations and hands-on exercises that can be found on the user community board. Topics ranged from creating better controls and indicators, screen navigation, and dialog pop-up best practices to specific technical considerations and style tips and tricks. It was a great discussion, where we broke down all the challenges and techniques of turning a user interface like this:

Example of an Outdated User Interface in LabVIEW
Into something like this: 

Example of a Clean, Sleek User Interface in LabVIEW

Of course, you can’t have a Chicagoland User Group meeting at DMC without some sunshine, cold beers, and food on our rooftop! It was a great opportunity to socialize and get to know the diverse group of LabVIEW users from all around Chicago.

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