The Force Awakens Your PLC

The Force Awakens Your PLC

It seems like lately the Force has awakened everywhere. The only corner of the universe that was still dark and quiet was the PLC and factory automation galaxy. To fill the gap I decided to show PLCs the way of the Force. And what could be better than to teach it some forceful music?

The obvious PLC choice for this mission was a Siemens S7-1200 PLC that we happened to have in the lab. I quickly realized that Force is not very strong in PLCs, and they are not very musical. Since they weren't designed for music, the best they can do is R2-D2 style beeping.

Still, some Force is better than nothing, so I made a simple program and attached a speaker to the PLC to play the Imperial March.

Here is the source code, if you are curious.
Let the Force be with you and your PLC!


Bryan Pickett
# Bryan Pickett
This is awesome. I would like to see the source. The github link for the .zap download, but don't open in portal. I think it might have gotten corrupt. Can you please e-mail me the .zap file?

Don't forget this gem from a few years ago! Shall we have a battle of the bands?

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