Our DMC Test and Measurement team recently created the DMC LabVIEW UI Suite! It’s the first official DMC LabVIEW user interface control and indicator set, and will save time developing LabVIEW user-interfaces while simultaneously providing our customers with modern and sleek applications.

21st Century UI

On our projects, we usually spend a good amount of time manipulating the appearance of native LabVIEW controls and indicators to bring them into the 21st century. We know the standard modern, silver, classic, and system controls that ship with LabVIEW appear outdated in a world where everyone is used to beautiful UI designs from their latest smartphone applications.

Here’s a sample of the UI palette that DMC will now be using to develop LabVIEW applications.

Screenshot of DMC LabVIEW UI Palette

In total, our engineers spent over 200 hours diligently updating all of the common controls and indicators. Special care has been taken to maintain customization and provide a flat UI appearance to almost every commonly used control and indicator.

Advantages of the DMC LabVIEW UI Palette

The use of picture backgrounds to create nice looking graphics is definitely a useful feature for LabVIEW controls, but it prevents the developer from having control over what theme color’s style they want to use.

With the DMC LabVIEW UI Suite, anything that you could normally change the color and size of from native LabVIEW controls is still customizable! This means that the controls that we created can be used on any project and customized to the particular style and theme of the application. 

With this new controls kit, we look forward to creating even more impressive UI's on all of our future LabVIEW applications!

Download this suite from NI here.

Learn more about DMC's LabVIEW programming expertise.


Asim Lambay
# Asim Lambay
Thank you very much for this beautiful UI in LabVIEW . I always preferred to use this DMC UI Pallet to design my labview UI i love it. it is so beautiful ..
thankyou so much again.
# Sean
Thank you very much for sharing this LabVIEW UI suite, finally I can make LabVIEW programs that don't instantly look like LabVIEW!

I was wondering if you could make available the VI in the screenshot above? In particular I really want to see your custom tab control with the pagination on the left side with horizontal text and inlayed "buttons".

I've replicated something similar to this in the past using actual boolean controls which drive an event structure that changes the tab focus. I saw your UI suite has "Customizable Tab" but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it behave and look like the one in your screen shot.

Thanks again!
# Nik
Hi Steven Dusing,

Great UI Suite.
There were two issues in Waveform Graph and XY Graph

1. The following are the issues when "Fit to Pane" option is selected assuming that the cursor legend is active.
I found the following things.
a. The frame border and the object (itself) for cursor legend and cursor mover are not aligned properly.
b. Cursor mover is not repositioning with the graph accordingly when "Fit to Pane" option is selected.

2. "Fit control to pane" option is disabled when the cursor mover is set to "Move to Back" or "Move Backward".

Could give you even more information when there is an option to insert images.


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