Tips for Selecting a System Integrator Featured by Control Engineering

Tips for Selecting a System Integrator Featured by Control Engineering

DMC Project Director Tim Jager was featured in a recent issue of Control Engineering. Tim was interviewed for an article titled, "How to Select A System Integrator" (SI) along with representatives from Burrow Global Automation, Malisko Engineering, and ESE Inc.

The article advocates, "Following a well-thought-out plan to find a system integrator is essential to ensure a successful outcome when hiring an expert." It then goes on to detail four steps to consider during the integrator selection process.

Tips for Selecting a System Integrator

  1. Define the project
  2. Establish selection criteria
  3. Identify the candidates
  4. Find the best fit

In the article, Tim recommends considering whether prospective integrators have the technical sophistication level to handle your project. A familiarity with industry standards, affiliation with professional organizations, and having certified engineers on-staff is preferred. "Perhaps you want an integrator certified on the hardware platform being used for your job," Tim said. "While a lack of certification may not exclude an integrator, being certified is definitely a plus."

According to the experts interviewed, a good SI relationship is symbiotic, with both sides sharing their expertise. "Bring your knowledge to the table to avoid reinventing the wheel or repeating past mistakes," said Jager. "Tell the integrator everything you know, even if you think it seems unimportant."

The article goes on to advise setting benchmarks and following key steps to find the right fit for an automation project. Planning alongside reputable project partners upfront will mitigate potential risks along way. 

Learn more about DMC's certifications.


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