Siemens Open Library Version 1.6 and WinCC OA Open Library Alpha Release

Siemens Open Library Version 1.6 and WinCC OA Open Library Alpha Release

Version 1.6 has just been released for the Siemens Open Library. This includes a Portal V14 SP1 release, including WinCC Pro and WinCC OA support. Explore and download the Siemens Open Library at

V14 SP1 contains the following updates:

  • Added Tested Faceplates for WinCC Professional
  • Updated PID to utilize Data Block Parametrization
  • Fixed bug with fcSwapWords
  • Updated Example Project
  • Added User Submitted Modbus RTU/TCP Library
  • Ported Modbus library to V14 SP1 - Alpha release
  • Added OBs with built-in diagnostic messaging to Master Copies
  • Updated code base for many blocks with improved V14 SP1 features

An Alpha release of the WinCC OA Open Library has also been added. WinCC OA 3.15 updates:

  • Alpha release for use with v1.4 of Siemens Open Library for either V13 SP1 or V14
  • Functionality against actual PLC objects not yet tested
  • PID Graph not yet functional

The Siemens Open Library is a free, open source library that was developed by DMC, Inc. in partnership with Siemens Industry. We hope the Siemens Open Library is a resource for consistency, usability, and faster development for the Siemens community.

​Please submit any custom objects to DMC by emailing them to


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