Siemens Open Library Version 2.0 Release

Siemens Open Library Version 2.0 Release

Version 2.0 has just been released for the Siemens Open Library. This includes a Portal V14 SP1 release, including WinCC Pro and WinCC OA support. Explore and download the Siemens Open Library at


V2 contains the following updates:

  • Added SiVArc properties to all WinCC Comfort/Advanced faceplates
  • Added SiVArc screen rules and master screen copies to the “Master Copies”
  • Updated example project to have SiVarc functionality and added a HMI to the example project to show the auto-generation
  • Updated all 1500 blocks to use HW addresses
  • All supported blocks compatible with 1500 and 1200
    • No more separate types for 1200
  • Separated 300/400 blocks into a separate library (available in previous versions)
  • Added new FIFO blocks, including prioritized FIFO with optimized sorting
  • Replaced WinCC Professional popup faceplates with screens which will use tag prefixed UDT fields for processing. Tag prefix will be assigned to the parent Screen Window that loads screen.
  • Added Flow Totalizer control which combines an Analog Input with an Integrator to output the Integral value over a given time window.
  • Minor bug fixes

The Siemens Open Library is a free, open source library that was developed by DMC, Inc. in partnership with Siemens Industry. We hope the Siemens Open Library is a resource for consistency, usability, and faster development for the Siemens community.

Please submit any custom objects to DMC by emailing them to


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