DMC Chicago Managers Go Undercover

DMC Chicago Managers Go Undercover

Shakespeare said it, "All the world is a stage," but I never thought that I would find such talent and love for performing at an engineering company.

Every month one of our DMC offices creates a video to update the company on what's new. If you browse through our YouTube channel, you'll find an array of videos ranging from a satirical DMC Commercial created by our Boston office to a SCADA Boi music video from our Houston office. These videos are presented at our Monthly Company Meeting to end the meeting on a high note.

April was Chicago's month to update the company. We decided that since our team is growing this summer, it would be a good idea for the managers to check in with the employees to make sure everything at DMC is running smoothly. Thus, the idea to spoof the show Undercover Boss was born.

To get started, I sat down with a few other DMC employees and wrote an outline of simple comedic bits.

By the time we started filming, long gone so was the original outline. Most of the jokes that are in the video were improvised!

The managers were having so much fun with filming that I had to edit half of their bits out. Otherwise the video would have been over ten minutes long.

Who knew I worked with funny people? It's just another perk of working for the #2 Best Place to Work in Chicago according to Crain's List 2018.

Find out what other fun things are going on at DMC.

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