Employee Onboarding and Offboarding in SharePoint

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding in SharePoint

In our work with various organizations, DMC’s Digital Workplace Solutions team has found that many organizations have no formal onboarding process in place. Without an organized system, it is easy for key onboarding tasks to fall through the cracks resulting in employees arriving on their first day unable to begin working.

Beyond the lost productivity of the new employee, a mismanaged onboarding process can cause frustration across departments, damage the employer’s brand, and have negative effects on employee retention.

Additionally, having a systematized offboarding process can be of equal, if not higher, importance. On top of ensuring all employees leave the organization in the best way possible, a formal system will ensure that access to accounts and IT systems are removed on time, exit interviews are conducted, and key stakeholders are notified ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition. 

Watch the quick video below to see how DMC’s employee onboarding and offboarding solution using SharePoint could help your organization gain control of both your onboarding and offboarding processes.  

Learn more about DMC's SharePoint Employee Onboarding solution.


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