Siemens Open Library Version 3.0 Release

Siemens Open Library Version 3.0 Release

Version 3.0 has just been released for the Siemens Open Library. This is by far the largest update since the initial release of the library and includes changes for TIA Portal V14 SP1.

COMING SOON: A TIA Portal V15 version of the Siemens Open Library that includes full simulation for all devices!

Major Updates

Get the Siemens Open Library updates.

  • Twenty-nine newly supported blocks!
    • Including brand new blocks such as Digital Output, Siwarex Load Cell Modules, Hydraulic Valve, Danfoss VFDs and more!
    • Full documentation included
  • Brand new Alarm Generator!
    • Replaced Excel macro with Window application
    • Added support for WinCC Professional
    • Compatible with multiple versions of Portal
    • Supports any data block bit arrangement (infinitely nested structures or UDTs, arrays, etc.)

Additional Updates

  • Updated PID Compact
    • Added more HMI controls and modified faceplates for clearer control over manual mode
    • Fixed HMI reset and E-Stop override bugs
    • Resolved slight operator error notification issue
  • Updated configurability to G-Series VFD block asynchronous parameter reading and writing
    • Fixed edge case that caused communication lag
    • Created new VFD block that does not include parameter R/W
    • Added update time input to allow limiting of communication load
  • Fixed small error reporting and display issue in Analog Output
  • Created new FIFO block that supports standard queue functionality and works with variant data types
  • Deprecated a few old blocks that have since been upgraded

More About the Siemens Open Library

The Siemens Open Library is a free, open source library developed by DMC, Inc. in partnership with Siemens Industry as a resource for consistency, usability, and faster development for the Siemens community. Want to get notified of new releases via email? Sign up here to receive an email when updates are released.

Siemens Open Library sample project
Siemens Open Library sample project

You can also join the Siemens Open Library group on LinkedIn to stay in the loop on the latest updates. 

Please submit any custom objects to DMC by emailing them to


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