Plankaholics in DMC Seattle

Plankaholics in DMC Seattle

Every month, DMC has an all-company meeting where every office gathers together over a Zoom meeting to share knowledge and the latest news, as well as celebrate accomplishments. Because of the time difference, these monthly meetings occur at 6 am Seattle time! We don’t mind; we get to watch the sunrise (sometimes an hour after the meeting if it’s in the middle of winter) and we get to enjoy an early happy hour after working a full day by 2 pm.

Each monthly meeting closes with an office update. DMC Boston started a tradition of including a hilarious update video, and now every month, the company looks forward to what the next office has created for theirs.

Every DMC office has a unique culture, its own inside jokes, and of course, local traditions. In DMC Seattle, one of these traditions is our daily 3 pm office plank. The daily plank can be a bit confusing to visitors from other offices. Since introducing the tradition to every other office during our recent YOE, we think most people are now on board. DMC Seattle wanted to use this tradition as the focus of our update video, which we shot from the point of view of a prospective candidate visiting our office for an interview.

Check it below or on our YouTube channel along with all of our other office update videos.

Learn more about DMC's Company Culture.


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