Exploring What's New with NI SystemLink

Exploring What's New with NI SystemLink

SystemLink recently took a giant step forward announcing its enterprise version. This version builds on the existing tools for test engineering teams to accommodate the greater needs of an organization. At DMC, we're excited to be a part of SystemLink as we see the massive benefit to both test engineers and engineering organizations at large. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite SystemLink benefits and newest features. 

Why spend your valuable time on trivial activities? SystemLink enables teams to reduce time spent on cumbersome tasks, freeing up those key personnel to focus on more valuable activities. It also provides new levels of data analysis and visibility across your teams. This helps you get the right insight in less time to make decisions for your goals.

SystemLink Enterprise

A key feature of SystemLink's enterprise version is the ability to bridge multiple departments in an organization improving overall efficiency. According to a statement by National Instruments, "By standardizing the way data is shared and analyzed, the new enterprise version enables increased visibility and control of test systems across an entire organization."

SystemLink's capabilities seek to empower engineers, “Freeing up engineers to focus on the work that has the largest impact for their organization is smart business,” said Josh Mueller, VP of Experience at NI. 

SystemLink Benefits

At DMC, we've seen the benefits of using SystemLink including having the ability to give access to the right people with the right data. We also appreciate the ability to share insights further across your organization.

A few examples of SystemLink benefits include:

  • Automating the process of updating software to numerous test systems.
  • Automating the often tedious process of pouring through data in spreadsheets to analyze, and making results available to the entire team immediately.

SystemLink Features

Some of SystemLink's exciting new features include customizations to improve the user experience and deployment. 

  • Create a role and assign privileges to the role to customize how users can interact with each SystemLink application and service.
  • Create custom experiences for each type of user on the server by specifying which role a user has and which workspaces the user can access.
  • Create a state to deploy the same system image and set of packages to multiple systems.
  • A state is any set of packages installed on a system. After you define a state, you can apply it to other systems to more quickly deploy packages to multiple systems.

DMC and SystemLink

As a SystemLink specialty partner, DMC is using SystemLink to help customers with their systems and testing. Reach out to hear about how this can be useful to your team.

“SystemLink is empowering teams with benefits beyond the traditional focus of testing," said Project Director Darren Jones. "It ensures systems and assets are healthy, it provides insight with web-based test monitoring, and it gives power to data with enterprise-level analysis and reporting."

Learn more about DMC's partnership with National Instruments


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