DMC Partners with Siemens to Build Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing

DMC Partners with Siemens to Build Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing

We are excited to announce that DMC built a demonstration testbed that implements the full Siemens process solution software stack from instrumentation to MES and delivered it to MxD. The Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing includes one of the first installations of the new Siemens PCS neo DCS system.

The demo implements Siemens PL (Teamcenter) and MES (OpCenter) software into the DCS system as well as integrating mobile worker concepts that are being developed as Industry 4.0 matures. Augmented Reality capabilities for the demo are in development and will be finalized in July 2021. DMC was one of the first to implement PCS neo, the successor to Siemens PCS 7. The demo provides the rare opportunity to experience an integrated stack of Siemens' most advanced software in a hands-on environment, allowing visitors to experience the latest in cutting-edge technologies.

Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing
The Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing

Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing 
The digital twin is a testbed for connectivity strategies and thought applications in future Industry 4.0 implementations. The digital is a combination of 3D CAD models and physics-based simulation. This representation of processes can be used for offline testing, commissioning, training, and validating process changes before implementation. 

The demo requirements were to provide something aesthetically pleasing, that allowed approximation of a real process, and had no dangerous elements like elevated temperature or pressure. We developed an oil/water separation system with holding tanks and multiple flow paths. This allows changing tank levels, fluid management, and a variety of different control scenarios useful for demonstrating the software stack installed on the system. 

Process and Instrumentation Diagram
Process and Instrumentation Diagram

The physical skid uses Siemens hardware, transmitters, positioners, and VFDs. 

Software packages include: COMOS, SIMIT, PCS neo, XHQ, Skid Hardware, Teamcenter, SimCenter, Siemens NX, 3D Model, WalkInside, RE'FLEKT EWI with augmented reality electronic work instructions, OpCenter, OpCenter Intelligence, OpCenter Execution Process, OCcenter Reporting, OpCenter Formulation.  

The testbed is designed to allow both demonstration of and research opportunities in developing the future of mobile workers, operators, or technicians who can take all the tools they need with them in the field. Rather than being tied to a desk, workers of the future will be able to have access to HMI interfaces, 3Dmodels, transmitter device info, cut sheets, or vendor documentation with them at all times. Additionally, the augmented reality components using Microsoft HoloLens technology will allow for enhanced electronic work instructions and field visibility of the internal workings of devices attached to the test skid.

Testbed software stack
Testbed software stack

About MxD
DMC delivered the Digital Twin Testbed to MxD, a state-of-the-art innovation center in Chicago. It’s 22,000-square-foot research factory features some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing equipment. The equipment is used to test and demonstrate new technology, training workers on new tools and demonstrating the importance of cybersecurity. 

Siemens’ partnership with MxD includes a demonstration space on the factory floor and a grant to train the industry’s cybersecurity workforce of the future. By leveraging a holistic digital twin integrating software and automation, Siemens aims to drive digital manufacturing transformation. 

DMC and Siemens
DMC has comprehensive experience with a wide range of Siemens technologies and hundreds of successful project implementations for customers around the world. Our expertise includes recognition as a MindSphere partner, a SIMATIC IT Partner, a member of the Siemens MEAC (MOM Expertise Alliance Center) Alliance Partner Network, Siemens Solution Partner certifications in WinCC SCADA, Industrial Communications, and Advanced Factory Automation, and having a very large number of Siemens S7 certified engineers in North America.

Learn more about DMC's partnership with Siemens and contact us for your next project.


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