DMC Lego Building Activity Fund Event

DMC Lego Building Activity Fund Event

DMC Chicago along with their friends and family got together for an evening of Lego building as the July Activity Fund event. Aleks Konstantinovic, Systems Engineer in Chicago, planned the event. He came up with the idea because he frequently builds Legos during downtime at work.

"I was sitting at my desk building a Lego set during some downtime, and Aaron Shoemaker, who sits next to me, asked if he could start building them,” Aleks said. “I was like 'sure.' Then, Hannah Gjovik walked by and peeked into the quad. She asked 'what are you guys doing?' She started building with us, and then we had like five people building Legos at my desk. We thought 'maybe we should do this for an activity fund.'"

The most popular Lego sets to build were various plants. DMCers built bonsai trees, orchids, and other types of flowers.

Image of a Lego Bonsai Tree

Charlie Gordon built a Pac-Man machine.

Image of Pac-Man machine Lego build

Andy Kopplin got a box of various random bricks to try and build the tallest tower he could.

Image of tall Lego tower

"My favorite part was when we had all the boxes stacked up on the table a couple hours before it started," Aleks said. "Everyone was peeking into the room to look at them and take pictures of all the boxes stacked up because it was a massive mound of just Lego boxes."

Around 60 DMCers and plus ones showed up, being one of the larger Activity Fund events. Bridget Miles, DMC's Human Resources Manager, attended the event and loved how easy it was to talk to everyone.

"My favorite part was talking to people that I don't usually talk to. I think Activity Fund events in general are such a good way for people to get to know each other, Bridget said. “I hope we can continue to find ways to do that.”

DMC Houston

DMC Houston also hosted a Lego building Activity Fund event where every employee in-town attended. Luke Howe-Kerr attended because he loved Legos growing up and has been getting back into them since Legos can be found around the office now.

This family-friendly event allowed Ray King to bring his four-year-old son to the office to join in on the Lego building fun.

Image of Ray's child with his Legos

“It was both a chance to build with Legos again and a chance to get like a set that could be displayed – which was fun. It was honestly a blast,” Luke said. “It was fun to do a more casual event where everybody could pick their own little fun thing that fit best for them. We're all a bunch of engineers and most of us love Legos."

DMC Dallas

The Dallas office also hosted a Lego building night and paired it with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Dallas legos with Eva

Dallas legos with Kristen

Dallas legos with Eli

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