New PXI Battery Simulator for PHEV Automotive Applications

New PXI Battery Simulator for PHEV Automotive Applications

For a recent DMC project I had the pleasure of working with Pickering Interfaces, a well-known international PXI hardware vendor, to supply an off-the-shelf PXI card which can simulate 6 chemical battery cells. Since such a product did not exist at the start of the project, DMC had a large role to play in specifying its eventual performance and features.

It's not every day you get to dream up your own test and measurement instruments, but I guess that is what we've just done. The result of this direct vendor collaboration between DMC and Pickering is their newly released 41-752-001: 6-channel PXI battery cell simulator module.

Several of the Pickering battery simulator cards can be chained together in a single PXI or LXI chassis to simulate a large stack of batteries. Such large battery stacks are commonly used in packs designed for PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) automotive applications.

PXI Battery Stack Simulator

Having a stack of batteries you can control is useful for verification, validation, and HiL (Hardware in the Loop) testing of BMS (Battery Management System) and battery control modules. Ensuring that a BMS design responds as required, under all battery stack conditions even extreme and worst case scenarios, is something you want to test before your battery pack gets into the field. And the only way to really do that at the hardware level is to have a battery stack simulator you can completely control and trust.

For more information about using this product do not hesistate to contact us.

Author Note 2/12/2010: Check out our new white paper on EV Battery Pack Testing

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