Battery Management System (BMS) Testing Article Featured on Evaluation Engineering

Battery Management System (BMS) Testing Article Featured on Evaluation Engineering

An article co-authored by DMC Senior Project Engineer, Brent Hoerman, has been featured on the Evaluation Engineering website and will be published in the April print edition. Brent wrote the article after completing a project with Pickering Interfaces, in which they developed a new PXI Battery Simulator Module. Co-writing the article are David Owens and Bob Stasonis of Pickering.

The article discusses new test and validation challenges associated with electric vehicles (EVs). As the popularity of electric vehicles in the automotive scene increases, so does the importance of testing a Battery Management System under all battery stack conditions. The article details the collaboration of DMC and Pickering Interfaces to help provide a solution to BMS testing based on PXI modules that emulate the battery systems.

The result of this direct vendor collaboration between DMC and Pickering is their newly released 41-752-001: 6-channel PXI battery cell simulator module. In addition to working with Pickering to develop the new BMS DMC is also the first to use the new product, having employed it in multiple test set-ups. The project scope is a natural fit for Evaluation Engineering, a magazine for engineers and engineering managers responsible for test and total product quality in electronics.

With our extensive experience in battery testing, DMC has also recently published a white paper compiling several challenges to, and lessons for, EV battery pack testing. A recent case study detailing the development of DMC’s BMS Validation Test Stand is also available.

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