VNC on Siemens WinCC Flex HMI with WinCE

VNC on Siemens WinCC Flex HMI with WinCE

A version of VNC Server is available which works on Siemens MP277 and other Siemens displays that are WinCE 5.0 or higher. The open source project can be found here:


1. The MP277 uses the ARM processor. First, extract the contents of into a folder in Program Files on the panel.

2. Run the file VNCConfig.exe once to configure the connection. It is also available from the VNC icon in the system tray.

3. Run WinVNC.exe to launch the service.

4. Remember to put a shortcut to WinVNC.exe in the Startup folder on the CE device.

The panel can now be remotely viewed or operated with a VNC Viewer such as Real VNC.

Learn more about DMC's WinCC and WinCC Flexible programming services.


# Sidney
Hi Ken,

Do you can send me the file ""?

or the link for donwload?


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